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What is NEW WAY?

New Way seeks to foster the formation of vibrant Small Christian Missional Communities and to provide ongoing support to those communities through:

  • the publication of user friendly learning materials in the form of group workshops, seminars and courses
  • the provision of information and advice, including access to useful resources
    occasional regional and national gatherings and training events
  • its links with the wider international Small Christian Community movement
  • its website, including the opportunity to have conversations about matters of common interest.

New Way has a commitment to support and encourage struggling small churches, particularly those in poorer urban and rural communities and actively promotes the development of 'mutual ministry' as a creative and wholesome way forward.

New Way discontinued its programme of activities early in 2010. we believe our thinking and practices are now widely accepted and being put in practice, alongside many other new ways of being church, so we think our role is now largely finished.

This website remains open and bible reflections are posted weekly and will continue until at least Advent 2010. The development of small christian communities remains vibrant worldwide - see LINKS for other contacts.

If you want any help or advice, you can still contact us by email,

What are NEW WAY's principles?

New Way is a network of people dedicated to four vital principles:

  1. building community in an age of individualism - small communities in which people can nurture each other towards personal growth and new life

  2. being church as a community of people committed to the well-being of society and the environment - a small community of people seeking the transformation of their neighbourhoods, workplaces and churches.

  3. bringing God's new order of justice, love and peace for all
    • which values those undervalued by society and builds trust among all people
    • which empowers those disabled by the power structures of society
    • which enriches those impoverished by the Market and global local injustices
    • which ensures justice for creatures and habitats and the protection of ecosystems
    • which seeks to live a life of simplicity and sustainability
  4. using the Bible as a tool for understanding the reality of daily life and of prayerfully discerning the signs and spirit of the times
    • as a source of wisdom from the past millennia
    • which, when the context in which it has been written is laid alongside the issues of today's world, offers vital insights into how to live wisely and well as human beings on a fragile resource limited planet.
  5. Seeks to explore Christian spiritualities that are helpful to Small Christian Community life and mission

What does NEW WAY seek to do?

New Way seeks to

  • work with churches and groups of Christians of any religious denomination or none who want to think about the nature of their life and mission together
  • encourage people engaged in transformation and the creation of communities, of hope inthe places where they live and work
  • provide resources and experience to individuals exploring new ways of being church

How does NEW WAY do things?

community - logoNew Way promotes a new way of being church through small community formation.

Small Christian communities have been re-emerging since the 1960s and are now flourishing in many different parts of the world. They are already established in Africa, Latin America, the Philippines, and more recently in Australia, Europe, the USA, Britain and Ireland. These Christian communities have been formed in both urban and rural situations, in different denominations as well as outside them. The result is a new way of being church that is of the people and from the people.

Are you concerned about the church? Do you believe that it should be more in touch with the people who are your neighbours, friends, people you work with? Do you believe that we need to re-develop a sense of community? If your answer to any or all of these questions is 'Yes', then New Way could be for you.

New Way seeks to respond by encouraging and nurturing groups and individuals through:

  • introductory workshops usually in do-it-yourself form
  • the provision of support to churches and groups interested in enquiring further
  • resources - information, stories, training aids - on small missional community formation and practice

We therefore offer the following:

  • introductory workshops, usually in do-it-yourself form
  • members of the team to come and share with churches and groups interested in enquiring further
  • publications
  • resources - information, stories, training aids - on small community formation

In our workshops and all we do we aim to:

  • help participants build a sense of community
  • help churches explore and analyse what is happening in their neighbourhoods
  • promote the use of narrative and develop the art of storytelling
  • empower ordinary people for everyday ministries
  • encourage biblical reflection
  • build trust
  • address conflict
  • be very intentional about community formation

What is NEW WAY'S method?

New Way follows a particular pedagogy involving:

  • the creation of a learning community and development of an interactive and participatory learning environment - marking a radical move away from the traditional teacher-student relationship and environment
  • the sharing and valuing of personal experiences in the small community setting
  • the identification, development and use of the gifts of all
  • the development of leader-full community as opposed to a community dominated by the will of a solo and often imported leader
  • the development of people as the enablers of small community, who understand the process and have experienced the power of transformed communities
  • the use of an action-reflection approach to learning known as the pastoral cycle or spiral

NEW WAY is a registered charity

New Way is a Registered Charity. Its charitable interests are ...

  • To advance the education of the public in the subject of small Christian communities by providing hands-on training, publishing research and educational materials and by lectures and seminars
  • To advance the Christian religion for the benefit of the public by offering education and training programmes

Charity Registration No. 1117639

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