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Worship and Spirituality

Prayer in the Celtic tradition was the theme of a talk given at a lunchtime discussion group for churches in North Lincolnshire. This was the small seed that led in time to a Celtic Spirituality Group being formed. Some fifteen years later the group has grown in membership and in its understanding of life and worship in the Celtic tradition.

Worship is central to its life. A monthly eucharist is celebrated during which there may be a variety of gospel readings including from the Gospel of Thomas, sometimes in Aramaic. Meditation is followed by discussion when everyone's opinion is invited and listened to. Often a fire is lit outside which is used as a symbol of transformation; music and prayer leads to the sharing of bread and wine. Gradually there have been less words and more silence. The worship is constantly evolving; organic.

This growth has led to exploring more a concern for the earth and all that lives on it and to celebrating Celtic festivals as a way to truly live with the seasons. The Celtic festivals such as the spring and summer equinox and Lammas - with its theme of harvesting - are studied and the interconnections drawn out and celebrated.

This Celtic journey has opened up the need to connect with other faith traditions and the Group joins at times with local Muslims, Buddhists and Hindus for prayer and exploration of their common spiritual journeys.

One member has written about their journey 'as one that many would be reluctant or even afraid to tread, but a path is only created by walking'. The inspiration, she affirms, continues to be Gospel inspired.

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