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Stephen Rymer writes the following about Teams.

"On two or three occasions it has been my good fortune to work in quite exceptional teams of people.

In an engineering design office in the mid 1960's it was customary for the junior to make the long-lasting copies of design drawings on linen from the senior's design work or to make the small alterations that were needed occasionally. As a trainee draftsman that should have been my lot. I now know that I was lucky to be part of an exceptional team in which I, too, was allowed to have a blank sheet of paper and to use my creativity. Under Frank's leadership a team spirit existed in which all the gifts were used and in which we all learned from each other. And the established hierarchical pattern, so prevalent at that time, was set aside to the enormous benefit of one young man.

History repeated itself a few years later while working as the junior member of a sales team. Suddenly, at a time when the more senior salesmen were away, the moment of decision arrived for an order from a mine in Zaire. "Got a passport?" asked the General Manager "Yes," I replied. "Go and buy a light-weight suit, you're off to Africa!" And to give me time to acclimatise and to give me confidence, the air ticket was bought so that I could visit my sister in Uganda on the way. "No!" I didn't get the order, and he knew that I would not. But the whole venture was worthwhile because it built up experience in the team, and developed new gifts and skills in one member.

Looking back, I do not think that either of those team leaders were church members or even obviously people of faith, but I do know that they showed me something of God; a God experienced at Trinity, who is not concerned about hierarchy and seniority, but who wants all his gifts developed and used among mutually interdependent communities of people."

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