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' release the oppressed...'

Living in, or near to, Plymouth are six members of New Way. For the past three years they have been meeting monthly for sharing and Bible reflection. The focus is what is happening where each lives and works. Two live in deprived or run down city areas, four in rural areas.

Not only are their contexts different but the spread of engagements is wide and focused on the 'Kingdom'. Bill helps run workshops for offenders and their partners at Dartmoor Prison. Dinah is a school governor. Felicity works part-time in a local library. Jeanne is a volunteer at a drop-in centre for asylum seekers and refugees and is involved in regeneration projects where she lives. John is hands on with a project to enable young people to experience and gain skills on the water - a Boat Project. Mike, like Jeanne, is involved in local regeneration programmes.

There are also church commitments and regular sharings are of 'church' - some hopeful, some sad. Whether church or local community the sharing is about the whole of life; a rare opportunity to come together and reflect biblically on God at work in the world. An important aspect of this sharing has been getting to know each other's local communities. Time has been spent in each walking, looking and listening to the story.

What began as a support group has become more than this. Others have joined from time to time and the group is open to new members, but for the six time has deepened the bonds. Shared meals, outings to the cinema or theatre, times just to be together socializing - a sharing of the whole life - a part of this deepening.

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