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ReflectionPhoto of the community at Rattery

In a Devon farm kitchen a candle, Bible and map of the world is placed on a table. Often a newspaper, local or national, is added. These are a reminder to the group that the Bible is to be read in the context of their daily lives and the word of God heard in community rather than by one individual.

The meeting began with each person in turn sharing something about their week. One person shared her concern about her seven year old daughter learning at school to use the internet. She wasn't sure what safeguards were being taught and whether she wanted her daughter taught to use the internet. Others shared different experiences and concerns and then the group talked about a Bible passage to read. They decided on the gospel to be read in church the coming Sunday. This was from Mark's Gospel and happened to include the words: 'If any of you put a stumbling block before one of these little ones who believe in me, it would be better for you if a great millstone were being hung around your neck...' This was apt source for reflection and led to a lively conversation about such stumbling blocks.

Each week at the end of their sharing the group considered any action they should take in the light of hearing God's word. The practical action they decided on this week was for the group was to become more informed about the use of the internet by children and for one person to speak to the headmistress of the school about their concern. The following week when the group gathered they were assured that the school had its safeguards and also that the headmistress had listened to and heard their concern. They knew too their concern was God's concern.

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