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Holy Spirit

Mary, an elderly lady who lived in our neighbourhood, called into the church office one day and sat herself down looking completely exhausted. Her blind neighbour, Tom, was in hospital, and she had decided that she would decorate his living room while he was a away but by the time she had stripped the wall-paper off two walls it was clear that she hadn't the strength to complete the task.

"Do you know anyone who could do the job?", she asked. By co-incidence, or God-incidence a man had dropped into the office a week or so before offering to do decorating for people in need. But in this day and age, sending an unqualified decorator, about whom we knew little or nothing, to help a vulnerable old lady seemed fraught with risk, and the Administrator, Stephen, felt reluctant to take a chance.

But the church's Care Worker, Jean, had no such qualms. "The Holy Spirit is in this, I'm sure", she said. "And if you're that worried, I'll go to the flat and make sure everything is OK." A week later, the job was done, to the delight of Tom when he returned from hospital, and much to the relief of Mary and me.

But that wasn't the end of the story. A few days later the decorator arrived at the office carrying a large tray of cakes, a gift to the church for trusting him and finding him work.

There is a fine line between co-incidence and God-incidence and a sceptical mind might question whether the Holy Spirit of God actually arranged to provide a decorator at just the moment when one was needed.

But when the outcome is measured there is no doubt that the Spirit of God was involved;

  • The elderly lady's concern for her blind neighbour was honoured
  • The blind man's room was decorated, for nothing
  • An out of work baker got the satisfaction of helping someone in need by turning his hand to decorating
  • The Old People's Club gained a tray of cakes for their weekly gathering.

It is the Creator's Spirit of generosity that produces a win-win situation like that.

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