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Being Community

Photo of group membersFrome Christian Network is a small church of about 25 people including children. It meets in the home of one of its members. Members are dedicated to living out their discipleship 24/7 in the world and they do this by the members being committed to involvement in various organisations in the town. Two of the group serve on the Traidcraft committee, two are engaged in a youth-work project, two arrange ethical debates in the local pub from time to time.

They meet once a week, alternating between a weekday evening study meeting for adults and a Sunday all-age worship event. Each family takes turns to arrange and to lead the Sunday worship. From time to time, the worship involves the breaking of bread and the passing of a cup, but this is not a regular feature.

The members come from all church backgrounds, and none. This is an open minded group, listening to each other and to what they perceive in the world around them and avoiding drawing boundaries where possible. They are quite determined that the life of the group as church should be kept to a minimum and that it should not take over their dispersed ministry, or their family lives but be just enough to fulfil its support role.

Their group is not trying to grow its membership, though new members are welcome. Their agenda is one of mission and service, indirect rather than direct evangelisation.

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