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Two members of the New Way core team were invited to a parish to help four neighbourhood groups engage in a time of reflection. They told those gathered the process would be like peeling away the layers of an onion. 'That can make you cry!' was an astute response. This is what happened.

Telling the story.
The participants had to choose a concrete situation to work with. They decided to reflect on Tea Break, a club for the over 50s, that had been set up in response to a stated need in the community. The process began with role plays. One group told the story through a local radio interview, the other gave a more visual presentation. The story they told began with a survey of neighbourhood needs and ended with the Tea Break members running the club themselves, 'We have had to let go,' said the participants a little sadly.

Reflecting on the story
Telling the story was easy, reflecting on it harder. The bit about the process of 'letting go' had engendered a lot of response, some painful. Once this was identified participants were asked to see what Bible passages came to mind that could help. A number were forthcoming including passages about salt and light and yeast. 'To be salt and light in our local community or like leaven in a loaf of bread; To demonstrate God's presence; To be a catalyst;' summed it all up. All could see how letting go was essential to fulfilling this mission.

The following Sunday the participants enacted the story again for the whole congregation and drew them into the reflective process.

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