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Weekly Bible Reflection through the year

Luke's Signs of the Kingdom

Each unit is based on the Gospel Reading for the Principal Sunday Service as defined by Common Worship Lectionary (Year C), starting with Advent Sunday and continuing throughout the Church Year.

They are written as a resource for small Christian communities , cell groups, home groups and similar, but will be equally useful to preachers and teachers.

This material expands New Way's Resource Booklets 8 & 9, first published in 2000 & 2001 by Peter B Price.

No.WeekBible ref
1The First Sunday of AdventLuke 21.25-36
2The Second Sunday of AdventLuke 3.1-6
3The Third Sunday of AdventLuke 3.7-18
4The Fourth Sunday of AdventLuke 1: 39-45 (46-55)
5The First Sunday of ChristmasJohn 21.19b-end / Luke 2: 41-end
6The Second Sunday of ChristmasJohn 1: (1-9), 10-18 / Matt 2: 1-12
7The First Sunday of EpiphanyLuke 3.15-17, 21-22
8Sundays of Epiphany (1)John 2.1-11
9Sundays of Epiphany (2)Luke 4.14-21
10Sundays of Epiphany (3)Luke 2.22-40
12The Next Sunday before LentLuke 9. 28-36 (37-43a)
14The Second Sunday of LentLuke 13.31-end
15The Third Sunday of LentLuke 13.1-9
16The Fourth Sunday of LentLuke 15.1-3, 11b-end / Luke 2.33-35
17The Fifth Sunday of LentJohn 12:1-8
19Easter DayLuke 24.1-12 / Acts 10: 34-43
20The Second Sunday of EasterActs 5:27-32
21The Third Sunday of EasterActs 9: 1-6 (7-20)
22The Fourth Sunday of EasterActs 9:36-end
24The Sixth Sunday of EasterActs 16.9-15
25The Seventh Sunday of EasterActs 16.16-34
26PentecostActs 2.1-21 / John 14.8-17 (25-27)
27Trinity SundayJohn 16:12-15
28Sundays after Trinity (1)Luke 7.11-17
29Sundays after Trinity (2)Luke 7.36-8.3
30Sundays after Trinity (3)Luke 8.26-39
31Sundays after Trinity (4)Luke 9.51-end
32Sundays after Trinity (5)Luke 10.1-11, 16-20
33Sundays after Trinity (6)Luke 10. 25-37
34Sundays after Trinity (7)Matt 20.20-28 / Luke 10.38-end
35Sundays after Trinity (8)Luke 11.1-13
36Sundays after Trinity (9)Luke 12.13-21
37Sundays after Trinity (10)Luke 12.32-40
39Sundays after Trinity (12)Luke 13.10-17
40Sundays after Trinity (13)Luke 14.1,7-14
41Sundays after Trinity (14)Luke 14.25-33
42Sundays after Trinity (15)Luke 15.1-10
43Sundays after Trinity (16)Luke 16.1-13
44Sundays after Trinity (17)Luke 16.19-end
45Sundays after Trinity (18)Luke 17.5-10
46Sundays after Trinity (19)Luke 17.11-19
47Sundays after Trinity (20)Luke 18.1-8
48Sundays after Trinity (21)Luke 18.9-14
49The Fourth Sunday before AdventLuke 19.1-10
50The Third Sunday before AdventLuke 20.27-38
51The Second Sunday before AdventLuke 21.5-19
52Christ the KingLuke 22.33-43

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