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Women of the Bible tell their stories.

Christmas Voices:
Witnesses tell their part in the Christmas Story

Easter Voices:
Witnesses tell their part in the Easter Story

all by Fiona M. Gardiner.

These are available as written stories printed in A5 booklet form or as recordings on CD.

Published by, and available from ‘Voices’, Elm House, 3 Woodcroft Close, Woodcroft, Chepstow. NP16 7HX

Price: Books £4.00, CDs £10.00, P&P £1.00

Email your order to 'Voices' or request more details

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Picture of CD Cover


A Journey to a New Kind of Life
by Chris Sunderland. Published by AGORA.

"This course is designed as a journey so that we can examine all sorts of attitudes and behaviours, some related to climate change specifically, others which question wider aspects of the overall system that we live it today". Thus does Chris describe the course, arranged in six sessions for groups of 4-12 people.

The material, in draft form until July 2008, is available to be downloaded free of charge from

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A New Vision for our Church
by Brian Farren - Bishop of Newcastle, Australia.

This is a five session course for church groups designed to enable them to 'think again' about the nature of their ministry and the pattern of church life. It is an excellent introduction to the style of ministry known as Local Shared Ministry in Australia and New Zealand, as Total Ministry in USA and as Local Collaborative Ministry in the Episcopal Church of Scotland.

Copies available from New Way

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