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You may find some of these links relate to your own experiences of and hopes for the church -

General links

Small Christian Communities Global Collaborative Network -

The San Francisco Community Journalism Project -

Sojourners: Christians for Justice and Peace -

Greenbelt -


Small Christian Community Connection (formerly Buena Vista) -

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Christian Communities

Community of Sant'Egidio -

The Iona Community -

Lee Abbey -

Scargill House -

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Christian Education

Open Source Theology -

Sarum College -

Mill Leat Ministries -

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Emerging Church -

c3stockport, Stockport -

Dream Network, Liverpool -

Ekklesia -

feig, Gloucester -

Frontier Youth Trust -

mayBe - Oxford -

SafeSpace, Telford -

Ship of Fools - -

The Moot Community -

The Tomorrow Project -

Tribal Generation -

Vurch.Com -

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Mission Agencies

Fresh Expressions -

CMS Community - 

Churches Together in Britain and Ireland -

Centre for Mission Accompaniment (CMA) -

Encounters on the Edge (Church Army) -

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Mutual Ministry links

The Episcopal Church of Scotland -

Local Shared Mininistry, UK -

The Episcopal Diocese of Northern Michigan Mutual Ministry -

Episcopal Diocese of Nevada Total Ministry Notebook -

Bishop Brian Farran (Anglican Diocese of Perth, Australia) address on ministering communities -

Anglican Diocese of Christchurch (New Zealand) Local Shared Ministry -

Anglican Diocese of Christchurch (New Zealand) Ministry Times -

Anglican Church in Tasmania Total Ministry -

Diocese of Oregon: Total Ministry website links -

Institute for Anglican Ministry, St John's College, Winnipeg: Introduction to Total Ministry - /colleges/st_johns/media/iamfaq.pdf#search='total%20ministry'

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Liberation Theology today, in 2010

This set of links provides an overview of Liberation theology that, in 2010, can lead people to further depths of reflection and action

The BBC's summary of Liberation Theology or Chris Goan's blog at

Jose Miguez-Bonino's paper 'For Life and Against Death: A Theology That Takes Sides'

David Ford's paper 'British Theology: Movements and Churches'. His comment on the liberation movement taking  the form of a conversation in Britain is a fascinating insight.

Website of Alastair McIntosh with material from work of AdolfoPérezEsquivel and Gustavo Gutiérrez Merino

The short excerpts in John Yu's document collection are excellent and include a helpful chronology -

And for a wealth of other resources


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