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Teams as Communities

The model of Small Christian Community (SCC) can be an effective way of working for a Ministry Team

The current shortage of clergy and other stipendiary ordained ministers in many of the churches, poses two challenges to structure a ministry team at a congregational level that is less dependent on day-to-day involvement and leadership of ordained persons? to share clerical and lay ministry across a group of churches which have no formal or legal structure to hold them together.

In both these situations, the model of Small Christian Community or Intentional Community has a unique contribution to offer.

It can provide a non-hierarchical model of leadership in which that function is shared in a group, using the gifts of all the people, and in which accountability both to Bishop, Superintendent etc. or to congregation is shared. It reflects an understanding of a God who is experienced as Trinity, three mutually interdependent persons. This works equally well at local or area level.

If the Purpose of the Team can be seen as being dispersed in the individual ministries of each of the members then the SCC method allows for the team as a whole to nurture each other in their specific roles. Furthermore, the SCC mission as the Kingdom of God and the constant use of the Pastoral Cycle will enable the leadership team (at congregational or area level) to focus on ministry to the local neighbourhood, and to avoid the natural tendency to concentrate on maintaining its life as a gathered congregation within a church building.

Building Kingdom-shaped communities
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