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Small Church / Christian Community

A Small Church or Christian Community (SCC) is seen as a complete expression, or model, of church, and, may also be, a primary building block of larger church.

Communities are formed to seek the welfare of the neighbourhood,
  • to make a difference in the world about them,
  • to bring transformation (Good News) to areas of life in local society,
  • to reflect and further the realm of God wherever they may be.
Not house groups, although of extended family size, maybe 8 - 12 people only, but meeting regularly, often in people's homes, and sharing some common features.

Certainly studying scripture and praying, but functioning in ways that place the focus of the group beyond itself, in the neighbourhood, the workplace, or place of learning.

Having a purpose, or mission, beyond self-nurture, is essential to the Community.

As one is powerless to choose one's family, so there should be no choosing who joins the community.
Acceptance and diversity are vital to the creative thinking and transforming life of the SCC; comfort and security produced within a like-minded group tend to narrow the range of debate and make a group introverted to their own needs.
The SCC functions as a mutually interdependent group, sharing roles needed to maintain the life of the Community, including 'leadership' (co-ordination) so that no one becomes dominant or dependent.

SCCs are not alternative to the wider church institution; but complementary, often holding a prophetic function for the local church.

Building Kingdom-shaped communities
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