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Reflective Methods

There are a variety of ways in which the vital process of Theological Reflection can be undertaken in a Small Community setting. They all contain the same elements but may differ in details of practice.

Fundamental to the process is

  • the understanding that God is heard in different ways by different people,
  • that some new and unspoken wisdom may emerge from the sharing of everyone's perception

There are a number of processes, Theological Reflection, 7 Step method, African method etc..

This is one method:
  • the choice of a reading aloud, normally from the Bible, though poetry and other writing can be used. The daily or weekly readings set in the Common Worship Lectionery may be used, or the group might select a passage which seems relevant to their situation
  • The text is read, one or more times, and the group is given time to reflect on and recall (echo) a word or phrase which has 'stood out' for each person. It is helpul for the reading to be listened to, rather than followed in the text. (If the passage is to be read more than once, then it can be helpful to read from different versions of the Bible by different people.)
  • Those reflections are shared around the group.
The process may be taken to a second stage
  • The passage is read again
  • The members of the group take time to reflect in silence on whether they have discerned some new wisdom for the situation which they are experiencing.
  • Those reflections are pooled with everyone being given a chance to share their thoughts.

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