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Being a Small Christian Community (SCC) - in Practice

Regular meeting is vital: at least once a month, but probably not more than once a week. Furthermore, an SCC should not exist in isolation, so long-term relationships with other SCCs or churches are vital.

Members should be mutually interdependent, with roles shared to maintain the life of the community. It has been found that certain tasks, functions, or ministries need to be exercised within the group and someone needs to be responsible for each of the following (by no means exclusive) list:

Welcome and Hospitality - not to be taken for granted; focused on the welfare of the other; sharing simple meals together cements relationships within a community. Giving a new-comer a sense of welcome, safety, and comfort is vital.

Memory and Recollection - a simple written reminder of what the group had done and agreed, somewhere between a history and a check list; the story of the community.

News sharing - keeping in touch with the neighbourhood and the wider world, with life experiences other than our own, to inform prayer and stimulate action.

Biblical Reflection - discovering a fresh understanding of the Bible as a tool for everyday living; as people gather in community, bringing the reality of their lives to the Bible.

Worship - at the heart of all community life; the worship co-ordinator needs imagination and sensitivity to enable the group to reach beyond itself and experience something of the holy... of God.

Celebration - fiesta! there's always an excuse for a party - birthdays, anniversaries, achievements, large or small; celebration can be as simple as passing round a bag of sweets - albeit with style!

Time-keeping - ensuring that everyone keeps to the agreed schedule, not least that meetings start and end on time, helps busy people to use their lives to the best advantage.

Co-ordination - ensuring that what needs to be done is done: a role often shared; but co-ordinator is not leader; decisions are made by consensus - essential in a non-hierarchical model of church.

Building Kingdom-shaped communities
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