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Power and Powerlessness

The Biblical Narrative of the people of God down through the ages is largely the story of God at work in the weakness of humans; from Abraham leaving his home in Haran, via Ruth, Jeremiah and Job, to the folly of the Cross, and the transformation of Paul despite the 'thorn in his side'.

As Christians in the 'first world', sustained by energy, wealth and military might, it is easy to be seduced into using those powers to build up the life of church.

The story of the people of God is consistently one of power from powerlessness

  • The expertise that can be released by recognising and calling out hidden and emerging gifts in people.
  • The confidence that can be built on an understanding of personal brokenness.
  • The wisdom that can be discerned by sharing the ways in which God speaks anew, every day, in the reflections of all the members of a community.
  • The collective energy that is harnessed in a Small Christian Community (SCC) built on mutual trust, understanding and love.
  • The creativity that becomes available in an SCC which embraces people of diverse rather than like-minded personality.
  • The encouragement that can be gained by practical recognition of mutual interdependence.
  • The immediate relevance of learning together out of the events of life which are being encountered and experienced day-by-day.

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