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A Paradigm Change

In a post-Christendom age, and a post-modern world, the Church is called to re-examine its way of life and its vocation.

Despite its calling to

Model the life of the Servant, it has functioned from a position of power in society for 1600 years.

Witness to a God experienced as Trinity, three mutually interdependent persons, it has operated in hierarchical mode.

Minister as a Priesthood of all Believers, ministry has been offered by priests to the people.

Serve the world as salt & yeast, dispersed and invisible, but lightening and enlivening every part of everyday life, it has built Temples and retreated within them, calling the Church holy and the outside world secular.

Worship God, this has come to be seen as a Sunday event of one hour instead of an every moment event of giving worth-ship by the living of lives to God's glory.

A paradigm change is called for which
rubs out the line between sacred and secular

engages the gifts of ministry of all God's people in all of their lives

empowers all Christians to take responsibility and accountability for ministry, and to live in mutually interdependent relationships.

Building Kingdom-shaped communities
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