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The Kingdom of God - The Jesus Society

Jesus said, "The kingdom of God / heaven is near. Repent and believe the good news." (Mark 1, Matthew 4) and,
"The Spirit of the Lord... has anointed me to preach good news to the poor... to proclaim... freedom (liberation)... recovery of sight for the blind... to release the oppressed..." (Luke 4)

The Kingdom, rule, reign, realm of God - God's kin-dom, the community of his friends - in which God's values dominate... also described as, God's "domination free order characterised by partnership, interdependence and equality of opportunity, and mutual respect between men and women..." (Walter Wink)

The Jesus Society - a new way for people to live, a new attitude towards everyone and everything...
Where, "you repent, not by feeling bad, but by thinking and acting different." (Rudy Wiebe)

An Upside-Down World... seen from the grass roots, from the bottom-up.

The world of Desmond Tutu's God Has a Dream:

"I have a dream," God says. "Please help Me to realize it. It is a dream of a world whose ugliness and squalor and poverty, its war and hostility, its greed and harsh competitiveness, its alienation and disharmony are changed into their glorious counterparts, when there will be more laughter, joy, and peace, where there will be justice and goodness and compassion and love and caring and sharing. I have a dream that swords will be beaten into ploughshares and spears into pruning hooks, that My children will know that they are members of one family, the human family, God's family, My family."
"Anyone who says the Bible isn't a political document isn't reading the same Bible I'm reading."

Building Kingdom-shaped communities
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