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The Holy Spirit

Our understanding of God is as a Trinity of equal but mutually interdependent persons. But how hard it is to own that as a reality. During a recent forum on environmental issues, the first two persons, Father and Son, were much discussed, but of the third, not a word was said. Somehow, the Holy Spirit is only seen and acknowledged in big, and rare, nature defying miracles, and thus as too big and risky to handle. So the Spirit's hand goes unnoticed in smaller, day-by-day miracles, and hence is largely discounted in our thinking and planning.

The Holy Spirit of God is...

  • The Spirit of Revelation - lighting dark corners of thinking, revealing the hidden and enabling us to see new possibilities (The disciples said, "It is already late. Send the people away." Jesus answered, "You give them something to eat." Mark 6.36, 37)
  • The Go-between Spirit - bringing together minds separated by chasms of prejudice or un-knowing. (They said to him, "That would take eight month's of a man's wages!" Mark 6.37)
  • The Spirit of Multiplication - harnessing and unifying our small and diverse efforts and making the impossible achievable ("How many loaves do you have?". They said, "Five, and two fish." Mark 6.38)
  • The Spirit of Encouragement.
  • The Spirit of Forgiveness - making risk-taking acceptable because mistakes are not seen as failure, but as opportunities to learn.

Only when the Holy Spirit is recognised as an equal person within the Trinity and the Spirit's presence and energy sought and tapped into, can God really work among us.

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