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Enabling Ministry

Most denominational churches have promoted a style of ministry which places leadership responsibility and accountability on one ordained person. Falling numbers of ordained persons is making that style unsustainable. This has a tendency to create dependency.

In its intention, orientation and scope, Enabler Ministry...
Is an act of faith, in the abilities and willingness of all church members to pursue their own well-being and ministry development and to work at mission
Starts with people, where they are, accepting them and their situation as they are
Stands by people, without attempting to take their place
Works to the rhythms of people, and is both inductive and deductive
Is non-directive, in relation to the decisions people need to make for themselves
Is complementary, and integral to, that which is done for us by God and other people
Is inclusive, rather than exclusive
Contributes to all aspects of the ministry and mission of the church, and so extends the kingdom of God

The effect of Enabler Ministry...
Engenders interdependency, which properly respects independence and dependence
Empowers people, and distributes power
Promotes creative consensus, by revealing and working constructively at differences, factions and conflicts
Helps build a learning community, that works for human well being and to God's glory
Equips people to work for development with each other and to be co-workers with Christ in the church and world

Building Kingdom-shaped communities
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