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If the nature of the God is revealed in Creation, then it becomes important that the Church structures itself around the natural patterns, forces and processes of creation.

For several centuries, since the Enlightenment, the process of creation has been seen to be linear and reactive. Newton's discovery of gravity and his theory of motion, "To every force there is an equal and opposite reaction", led to a way of thinking based on "Cause and Effect". If something was wrong, there was a cause, and a solution. That pattern of thinking in turn led to a linear, often hierarchical way of structuring processes and organisations.

GalaxyHowever, in the last 50 years, the development of Astro Physics and Quantum Mechanics has revealed a universe that is made up of interconnected systems at a macro and a micro level; "A butterfly's wing beat on one side of the globe has an effect thousands of miles away".

The universe is best understood as a whole, not in parts, "all life forms are interdependent and need each other; everything thrives, not in isolation and competition but in mutual co-operation".

If this is the way of God in creation, and the Bible confirms that it is ("every hair on your head is numbered", "Before you were born, I knew you", "not a sparrow falls to earth without your Heavenly Father knowing") then what does that say to the way Church should be structured in the 21st century - that might be different from the pattern of the last five centuries?

God's watermark on creation reveals an interconnectedness between everything -

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