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Community of Communities

Small Christian Community (SCC) - the primary building block of Church - a new model, a fresh expression - but not a new or different Church - with the primary aim of transforming society.

Each Community will be small, limited in its resources, but nevertheless fully 'church' - committed to living the values of the gospel, and the kingdom / rule / reign / realm of God - God's kin-dom.

SCCs, generally local and 'from the grassroots', will not be dependent upon an external Leader, theologically trained expert or biblical interpreter, or Eucharistic President.

Each Community will share its ministries and responsibilities amongst its members. The 'ordained person' is no longer 'in charge' although valued as a theological resource and priestly person.

SCCs generally need (and will certainly benefit from) an external Enabler, or Animator, who will not be either leader or controller, but available to support, resource and encourage the Community.

Each Community while being independent will also be interdependent upon its neighbouring SCCs within the locality, parish etc. - and therefore part of a larger Christian Community too.

SCCs may share an enabler with others, often providing a link between the local expression of church and the wider parish, diocese, or denomination.

Each Community will periodically join with others in the neighbourhood for times of sharing, learning, worship and, most especially, celebration together as members of the wider church in the area.

SCCs will be recognised as members of the universal Church, through baptism, and their ministry support teams recognised / authorised / commissioned by the bishop (or equivalent).

Each Community within a congregation, will have a special relationship with its neighbours and be part of the larger unit while retaining its autonomy as a Small Christian Community.

SCCs will become part of a wider geographical, or other, network - a Community of Communities.

Building Kingdom-shaped communities
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