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Who we are

New Way is a networked community of people inspired by an understanding of God as a glorious and mysterious community of three persons in loving communion and mutual indwelling; a single Being, united in diversity, and known to us as creator, redeemer and life-giver whose love overflows to the whole of creation.

This inspires our understanding of church's identity, life and mission to be most effective as Small Christian Community, embracing a diverse group of people whose gifts and calling are directed to the well-being of our local communities.

New Way is resourced by people, both lay and ordained. The programme was started in 1992 by (the late) Derek Hanscombe (Vice Principal of USPG's United College of the Ascension), Jeanne Hinton (writer and a founder of Post Green Community), and Peter Price (former Bishop of Bath and Wells), as part of USPG's Encounter and Exchange Programme.

In a decade of work, New Way has initiated the publication of 4 books, published 12 resource booklets, led in excess of 50 workshop programmes and initiated practical communities in a number of settings.

The New Way team is now drawn from an ecumenical network of people who are engaged in a new way of being church.

New Way has received support and funding from - among others - the Christendom Trust, the Saltley Trust and USPG. Members and other generous benefactors also support the network.

Our core team

The New Way Team are a diverse community who bring a wide range of skills and experience to the work of the organisation. The team consists of Peter Stickland, Michael Bridgwater, John Summers, Felicity Summers, Catriona Robertson, Cameron Kirkwood, Alister Palmer, Angela Ormrod, Rosemary and Stephen Rymer and Jenny Humphreys. Bishop Peter Price, Dee Price and Jeanne Hinton are consultants to New Way.

Peter Stickland

Peter SticklandAn engineer by training, now a business manager involved in developing new ventures. He has had a long involvement with New Way and is now chairman of the Team. Peter's gentle but incisive chairmanship enables the New Way team to function as a community and to find its way to mutually agreed decisions.

Michael Bridgwater

Michael BridgewaterTrained as a naval architect, served in the Royal Navy and later lectured in shipbuilding and mechanical engineering. A Reader in the C of E, he has an MA in Applied Theology (Liberation Theologies) and has been a member of New Way since 1993. He reads widely, and is a great 'asker of questions'. His patron saint is Noah!


Cameron Kirkwood

Photo of Cameron KirkwoodCurrently Superintendent Minister in the Methodist Church in Brixton, South London. He has experience of working in innner-city, multi-racial and multi-faith communities and prior to his present appointment he worked in Darlington, Bradford and another area in South London. Cameron brings a keen interest in Community Organising and has been actively involved in the sub-group developing Workshop material for 'New Way'.

John Summers

John SummersTrained as an engineer, before being ordained into the Anglican church. A curacy in Fulham, followed by 8 years as a Naval Chaplain and 19 years as a Vicar in Plymouth. A 'New Way' workshop transformed his outlook on the church and its mission and shaped his practice in the parish of St Barnabas, Devonport until 'retirement' to South Brent (Devon) from where he continues to be actively engaged in the promotion of 'New Way'.

Jenny Humphreys

Jenny photoJenny Humphreys followed up Reader Training with a degree in Theological Studies achieved over several years while working as World Mission Adviser for Bath & Wells Diocese. Finding out about Liberation, Feminist, Black, Asian and African Theologies combined with first-hand knowledge about life in Zambia in Central Africa and other parts of the Majority World reinforced a long-term interest in and support for issues of justice and equality. She has a particular interest in the church’s attitude to money and wealth, and the need for a new way of expressing our Christian Faith in the context of the world’s present inequalities and attitudes. She joined New Way in April 2008.

Stephen Rymer (Development Worker - part-time)

Stephen RymerYet another engineer, this one worked with quarrying and mining machinery before becoming Co-ordinator of a ministry team in a Bristol parish. This led to a seven year period as Parishes Resource Officer for Bristol Diocese. From there he moved to Scargill House, a Christian Conference Centre, as a lay Chaplain and member of the Scargill Community in 1997. He joined New Way in February 2003.

Our Consultants:

Jeanne Hinton

Jeanne HintonIs a founder member of the Post Green Community and has a deep commitment to community life. She is a story teller, compiler of stories and a writer. Her recent books are Changing Churches, and Changing Communities, both published by CTBI, Small Christian Communities Today, published by Orbis, and Church at the Edge, published by Kevin Mayhew.

Dee Price

Dee PriceIs mother of four grown up children, bishop's wife, and homemaker with a gift for hospitality and for creating community. Her ability to provide food and beds, at a moment's notice for whoever turns up to a New Way gathering is remarkable. She is a thoughtful, reflective leader of New Way workshops and retreats and source of deep intuitive wisdom among the team.

Peter Price

Peter is now Bishop of Bath and Wells. Along with Jeanne Hinton and the late Derek Hanscombe, he was one the founders of New Way in 1990 while general secretary of the United Society for the Propagation of the Gospel. He is author of several books Playing the Blue Note and Changing Churches being the most recent. His commitment to building community and to doing theology in the context of real life have been vital to the development of New Way and its publications.

Our vision
We have a big vision.

We long for and dream of networks of small Christian communities committed to social justice and peace in their neighbourhoods working in partnership with the local church throughout these islands and beyond.


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